• A holistic approach to PET container development

    17 July 2023
    Capable of designing and manufacturing packaging taking into account all the key parameters that characterise it, both aesthetically and functionally, from the idea to the product on the shelf, Sipa evaluates not only the aesthetics of containers but also how they reflect the brand identity, how they behave on the production line, how easy they are to...
  • When packaging tells a story

    27 June 2023
    Founded in 1850, Goglio designs, develops and manufactures complete packaging systems, supplying flexible laminates, plastic valves and components, packaging lines and services for a wide range of applications. In its more than 170-year history, the Group has faced many challenges and has been a pioneer on several fronts.
  • Efficiency through marking

    16 June 2023
    With Markem-Imaje's CIJ marking systems and related consumables, Mebra Plastik Italia improves the efficiency and sustainability of its processes while reducing costs. Over the last half century, the company has produced millions of metres of pipes and spirals in technopolymers for the passage of...
  • Increased energy savings in polypropylene recycling

    15 June 2023
    The circular economy of plastics, i.e. the recycling of this material, is strategic for the environment: the figure for the amount of recycled packaging compared to the amount released for consumption is already higher than the minimum legal target set for 2025 (50%) and close to the 55% set for 2030. Plastics is also a sector where it...