• Cement block bottom sack

    17 March 2022
    With the focus on the Chinese market, Starlinger, Austrian machine manufacturing company based in Vienna, will present its entire machinery range for the production of sustainable woven plastic packaging and recycling of...
  • Packaging with a lower impact on the environment

    04 March 2022
    After switching entirely to 100% recyclable paper for the packaging of its products, Pastificio Felicetti is promoting an interesting initiative to assess the impact of this approach. The company based in the Upper...
  • Sustainability: The bigger picture - from materials in to packages out

    17 February 2022
    When market forces and consumer choices are piling on the pressure, it’s nice to know that machinery suppliers are already in position to give helping hand and help appease customers with high-technology solutions...
  • New bottle for functional waters

    26 January 2022
    Easy to carry and use, pocket-sized, comfortable and ergonomic. These are the flagship features of the new bottle developed by Sipa for functional waters. These waters stand out for their specific functions, such as their rehydrating, energizing and anti-stress features and can be used during sports activities, in the office and on the most varied occasions to obtain...