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  • New bottle for functional waters

    26 January 2022
    Easy to carry and use, pocket-sized, comfortable and ergonomic. These are the flagship features of the new bottle developed by Sipa for functional waters. These waters stand out for their specific functions, such as their rehydrating, energizing and anti-stress features and can be used during sports activities, in the office and on the most varied occasions to obtain...
  • A new supplier of PCR for Nova Chemicals

    30 November 2021
    Nova Chemicals, a Canadian manufacturer of chemical and plastic resins, has recently announced a long-term agreement with Circulus Holdings (an American company which provides recycling technology solutions for plastic packaging waste) to supply the multinational company with...
  • Europe’s first polystyrene advanced recycling pilot plant

    29 November 2021
    Ineos Styrolution, one of the leaders in styrenics, has recently confirmed its decision to invest into a pilot plant for advanced recycling of polystyrene. With regard to that, it is possible to observe that this material is largely used in the packaging industry, indeed it can be...
  • Forty years of "green" know-how

    25 November 2021
    About four decades ago, Arburg, one of the world's leading manufacturers of injection molding machines, based in Lossburg (Germany), was already processing starch-based granulates with Allrounder injection molding machines.
    Now that sustainability has become a...