• EcoVisor, the platform for monitoring sustainability

    10 July 2024
    Datagration, a provider of advanced analytical solutions, has signed a major agreement with D6, a US packaging manufacturer that uses up to 100% post-consumer recycled content in its PET and aluminium packaging.
  • Agglomeration unit for chemical recycling of plastics

    09 July 2024
    Previero N. with its Sorema division has been in the mechanical plastic recycling market since 1974, and is the industry benchmark for high-quality recycling solutions.
    Although mechanical recycling is a well-established technology and remains the first choice for plastics recyclers due to its high efficiency, chemical recycling is now emerging as a key step in closing the plastics recycling loop, particularly for handling heterogeneous plastic fractions that pose a challenge for mechanical recycling.
  • Advanced mechatronics, between R&D and sustainability

    24 June 2024
    “Super” specialised in secondary packaging, with an out-of-the-ordinary vocation for innovation, Cama Group has developed MTL Monoblock Top Loading, the fruit of a co-creation project involving B&R, consolidating an already successful strategic partnership.

    Maria Costanza Candi
  • Gamma Meccanica's low environmental impact plant

    21 June 2024
    GM Plastic Recycling Division, a division of Gamma Meccanica, has installed an LDPE and HDPE recycling plant at Evelin Plast, a converter of plastic bags for municipal waste and recycling.