Fujifilm introduces its analogue and digital packaging solutions at Interpack 2023

Fujifilm will exhibit its extensive portfolio of analogue and digital packaging solutions at Interpack (4-10 May 2023). Across both analogue and digital solutions, the company will demonstrate how packaging businesses can be more sustainable.

Fujifilm recognizes how print can add value to packaging, and is combining expertise in the latest digital print technologies with an analogue heritage to create a unique portfolio which supports the production of both analogue and digitally printed packaging, all while demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

Flenex plates, for example, reduce waste and eliminate the use of environmentally harmful solvents altogether, and when combined with the company’s PRC1 filtration unit, also minimize water. Fujifilm’s LED UV curing system slashes energy use, and the company’s narrow web inks are solvent-free and manufactured in the UK at Fujifilm’s award-winning Broadstairs factory, where extreme care is taken to ensure all manufacturing and operational processes are as environmentally responsible as possible.

Similarly, Fujifilm’s imprinting solutions can breathe new life into an analogue production line, bringing additional functionality without the investment in a new line. Where a new investment is necessary to meet market needs, the Jet Press 750S and Jet Press FP790 digital presses eliminate many of the processes and consumables associated with traditional analogue production. 

Manuel Schrutt, Head of Packaging, EMEA commented:

We are delighted to be exhibiting at Interpack 2023, the flagship show for the global packaging industry. It’s great to see the show finally back up and running, after a long 6 years. We are looking forward to connecting with our existing and potential customers. We work with packaging producers at all stages of their journey, whether it’s helping them to optimize analogue production lines to maximise efficiency or to introduce a digital capability. We don’t do one-size-fits-all; we do the right solution, for the right producer, at the right time. And all our solutions, whether analogue, digital, or somewhere in-between, are designed to reduce waste and the use of environmentally harmful chemicals, minimize energy consumption, and to be as sustainable as possible.