A tethered cap for the pharma

Specializing for over seventy years in the production of closure systems for the pharmaceutical sector, Capsulit has designed a tethered cap for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors.

This new type of capsule remains tethered to the bottle even after opening thanks to a tab, which joins the cap to the guarantee ring, so that the cap, once separated from the bottle, is not dispersed into the environment.

This is a real innovation developed and patented by Capsulit, which is two years ahead of the EU Directive on reducing the impact of plastic products on the environment, which will come into force in 2024.

Some closures of this type have begun to appear in the mineral water and soft drinks sector, but have not yet been applied in nutraceuticals, parapharmaceuticals and pharma.

Hence Capsulit Spa’s decision to devise a tethered cap for these specific sectors, to be mounted on PET bottles produced by sister company CapsulitGiglioli.