The winners of the Best Packaging awards

At Ipack-Ima, sustainable innovation was the key theme of a special event that saw the unveiling of the Foundation’s Algorithm, as well as the Best Packaging 2022 winners.

Ipack-Ima 2022 was a valuable opportunity for people to, once again, meet in person at this fair and pick up contacts that had unfortunately been left in abeyance due to the pandemic. It was also a time for taking stock and recognising achievements. Indeed, at the event entitled Sustainable Innovation: from the Foundation’s Algorithm to Best Packaging 2022, the story of the Ethical Packaging Charter was recounted and the winners of the Italian Packaging Institute’s historic competition were announced.

On the basis of a project launched in 2015 by Edizioni Dativo (Stefano Lavorini and Luciana Guidotti) and Politecnico di Milano (Giovanni Baule and Valeria Bucchetti), the Packaging Ethical Charter Foundation was established on 19 May 2020, at the height of the pandemic. Now, two years on from the signing of the memorandum of association, Anna Paola Cavanna, first female president of the Italian Packaging Institute and of the Packaging Meeting, speaking from the stage of Hall 2, looked back over the difficulties that had to be faced and also the objectives that have been met: the creation of the organisation, the organisation of advanced professional training projects, the formation of first community of ambassadors, the Best Packaging 2021: From Values to Projects exhibition, the Sustainability Commission, the opening of a new venue in Milan at  via Cosimo del Fante 10, and finally the Foundation’s Algorithm, unveiled at an event staged during Ipack-Ima.

“I am very proud of these results,” remarked Anna Paola Cavanna, who will be handing over to the Institute’s next president at the end of May, “because we wanted, through the Foundation, to promote a new ethical and sustainable business culture, and to do so through concrete actions. I would say we have succeeded, thanks to the support of the members of the Steering Committee, the director of the Institute Francesco Legrenzi, and all the team.”

The Best Packaging 2022 winners:
One of these concrete actions by the Foundation was to sponsor the Italian Packaging Institute’s Best Packaging 2022 competition, as a means of illustrating how theoretical principles can be translated into products that end up in the hands of consumers.

Listed below are the competition’s eight winners, announced during the event, which was presented by Federica Gentile. They were selected in reference to specific categories: Environment, Innovation and Technology, and the Ethical Packaging Charter special award.

Environment category
Three awards presented by Luca Ruini, president of Conai.

Cprsystem - Redea
A virtuous example of eco-design, recognised for the careful design of the system as a whole, which envisages not only reuse of the crate, but also use of recycled material. The system includes design features of clear logistical value.

Di MaurO for Gruppo Veronesi - Reciflex PE PET Food
Flexible film recyclability is considered particularly important for the sector in which this product is used: pet food, a rapidly expanding sector in which significant quantities of materials and products are involved. The multiple difficulties with pet food packaging make this technical endeavour even more valuable.

Verallia - Green Jar
The use of green rather than clear glass for food sector applications other than oil bottles breaks the mould and bets on a good response from consumers. From the environmental perspective, green glass allows the use of a higher percentage of recycled material. Finally, the rational design of the jar makes it easier to get at the product inside.


Innovation and Technology category
Four awards presented by Valerio Soli, president of Ipack-Ima.

CMC - CMC Genesys
The philosophy of this project overturns the traditional canons of design. Taking the problem as the starting point, the machine is designed with the aim of making the distribution phase more efficient, for the e-commerce market. In short, it amounts to standardised customisation.

ICO - Closì
This is a box for B2B shipments, which can also be used in the consumer market. It is equipped with a tamper-evident closure, and there is no use of adhesives. It caters for the new needs of the e-commerce and app-based second-hand markets.

IMA BFB - Avvolgitrice HYWRAP20
Here, the innovation lies in the flexibility of a machine that, without the need for any modifications, can be used to process different types of material. The basic strategic concept is a winner: it is no longer simply about providing a machine, but rather offering an efficient service.

Here we see the impact of innovation on a new concept of consumption on the go, a strongly growing trend. The lid is flexible, versatile and highly customisable.

Ethical Packaging Charter special award
This award was presented by Anna Paola Cavanna, president of the Foundation and of the Italian Packaging Institute.

Irplast - Preglued4cans
A solution that meets different needs, being: accessible, transparent, informative, educational and sustainable. The considerable application flexibility makes the product suitable for different materials and shapes, and allows it to be customised without waste. Easy to detach from the container, it is also recyclable.