Sorema: new recycling plant in Myanmar

After carrying out a washing and recycling test on bottles collected by CPC (Commercial Plastics Company), a PET bottle recycler based in Yangon (Myanmar), Sorema, an Italian company that is one of the main international reference points for its recycling plants, has designed a 2,200 kg/h flake production plant to recycle the material supplied by the customer and produce new bottles for drinks. The analysis of the material, carried out at the Recycling Research Centre (RRC) in Alzate Brianza (in the province of Como),  showed that most of the bottles collected in the area were between 330cc and 1000cc, with a high level of contamination from PVC labels, sand and abrasive materials.

Based on this analysis, the Italian manufacturer designed and produced a BtoB line that incorporates a number of customisations that are considered standard for all PET bottle recyclers in South East Asia. The machines have been carefully designed with high quality components, starting with the pre-washing module to remove labels and clean the surface of the material. This technology prepares the material for better bottle sorting and reduces wear and tear on the entire line without compromising the life of the delabeler, which requires only a few months of maintenance.

PVC label removal is then achieved by a combination of the delabeler, wet elutriator and material sorters. This technology achieves the highest standards required by leading brand owners for their rPET. Sorema's technology, which can remove label glue with high efficiency, is particularly strategic for a market such as South East Asia, which is rapidly moving away from PVC labels in favour of PP labels.

Sorema also paid special attention to the possible wear and tear conditions due to the local harvest, where there is a high level of sand in the incoming bales.

The Sorema line, which we chose after careful evaluation, was installed in Yangon and met our expectations. We ordered it to recycle post-consumer PET bottles collected throughout Myanmar. With this plant we have provided an industrial scale solution to the problem of plastic pollution in the country. Our main problem was the large amount of PVC labels in the incoming bales of material, and this contamination was brilliantly removed by Sorema. At the end of the process, the expected results were achieved in terms of product quantity and quality. A high percentage of our recycled material can be reused in the production of new PET bottles. Our engineering team worked closely with the design, production and installation teams and their cooperation was excellent, both in terms of clarity of information and support in managing the recycling process. I can also confirm the excellent after-sales service and availability of spare parts, said the Technical Director of Commercial Plastics Company.