B&R focuses on generative artificial intelligence

News about B&R’s offer, which has been enhanced thanks to the collaboration with Microsoft to integrate the power of AI in various application contexts.

Artificial intelligence is currently enhancing Copilot functionality in the Automation Studio development context, the functionality of control, motion and image processing devices, and design and monitoring tools for adaptive machines like LaunchPad for ACOPOS 6D and ACOPOStrak monitors.

The new Copilot 
The new Copilot arises out of the integration of Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI in Automation Studio, in line with current low-code and no-code trends. As a conceptual study in AI-enhanced innovation, the solution is aimed at helping machine builders get to market quickly with more innovative and more reliable solutions, allowing translation of natural language prompts into structured machine code according to IEC 61131-3 and adding useful suggestions for developers. The Copilot also provides a valid support for all structural software development activities with regard to which programmers, due to the pressure of the daily routine, are often forced to neglect high added value activities such as optimizations and specific developments.

An even smarter ACOPOS 6D 
Designing the layout of ACOPOS 6D without problems and optimising movement flow without any programming is possible thanks to LaunchPad 6D, another new entry for 2024. 6D LaunchPad makes it possible to easily generate a complete recipe for complex multi-dimensional product flows in an intuitive graphic work space.  

Configurations and monitoring with ACOPOStrak
B&R’s track transportation system design tool has a series of interesting integrations such as the possibility of configuring the 3D layout and making fine adjustments and parameter settings before exporting the entire project to Automation Studio. In addition, the introduction of ACOPOStrak Monitor allows manufacturers to visualise the status of the machine in real time, proactively identifying problems and ensuring the absence of production interruptions with predictive interventions.

Very effective vision systems. News also regarding AI-based vision systems, with the introduction of functionalities that optimise and evaluate the results, enhancing simple standard functions such as, for example, anomaly detection and optical character recognition.

Enhancing data with IIoT. Finally, generative AI also supports B&R in the transformation of data into value, thanks to the IoT proposal that gives access to dashboards, functions and local services and on cloud, based on transparent communications systems such as OPC UA and TSN. The idea is to provide machinery manufacturers and users with the tools necessary for creating personalised IIoT ecosystems, the aim of which is to monitor machine conditions and optimise performance.