Bottle for modern healthy drinks

Mocktails are healthy soft drinks to be consumed in place of traditional cocktails. Today, thanks to the rediscovery of quality mixes, these beverages represent a growing market: increasingly balanced drinks, created by fanciful bartenders who use homemade juices and bitters. Almost all mocktails also eliminate the sparkling water component in order to reduce materials, transport, processing and emissions. 

With an eye to this new trend, Sipa has designed a new container that is practical to use, unconventional and has an aesthetic impact. The packaging developed also aims to raise consumer awareness on eco-sustainability issues. The project guidelines take into account the following variables: lightweight, reduction of materials, components and inks, ability to communicate. 

Sipa has studied a "test tube" like shape that recalls different scenarios and concepts: it gives the idea of metering and refers to the world of chemistry, bottle preforms and experiments by mixologists. The bottle has a capacity of 100 ml, weighs 8 g and has been designed with stackability in mind. In addition, a no-label solution was chosen, preferring direct digital printing that uses eco-sustainable inks, so as not to undermine the  recyclability of materials. For the secondary packaging, a no-ink laser engraving technique was used which creates the writings by "burning" the substrate.