Amut starts up a new recycling plant

Amut, an Italian manufacturer of extrusion and recycling plants, has recently completed the commissioning of a recycling plant for Pet Star Recycling, part of Pet Star Group, together with Pet Star Holding, a leading producer of preforms for PET bottles, in Romania. The company proven expertise was key to develop a customized solution aimed at delivering high performance of the new installation. The tireless efforts of the Amut technical team allowed to accomplish the job at Pet Star facility on schedule, according to the contractual time frame.

The new washing line fot PET processing with 3,000 Kg/h total output is equipped with the Amut patented De-Labeller, together with the well-tested Friction Washer, and presents the front-end sorting system sized to sort clear/light blue bottles from a stream including up to 14/15% of colored ones suitable to treat 5,500 Kg/h of inlet material.

Mirela Dragoi, Pet Star Recycling CEO, declared:

For Pet Star, the new recycling plant doesn't only represent a vertical integration of the business, but also a dream comes true. From the very beginning, we have implemented the bottle-to-bottle concept to increase the recycling potential of untapped plastic waste and its reuse in a new production process. That's why we chose a strong partner, as Amut, which provided modern and innovative sorting and washing technology which allows us to be more efficient and to minimize water consumption for each kilo of high purity flakes.

Giovanni Cattaneo, Amut Commercial Director commented

We are grateful to Pet Star Recycling for their trust in our Recycling Technology and thank them for this opportunity to collaborate. This completion of the project marks an important milestone in our relationship with them” “and represents a further success for improving waste sorting, boosting recyclate quality and creating a circular economy.