A PLA packaging

Agromediterránea, a Spanish specialist in the cultivation and marketing of vegetables straight from the fields, part of  Foodiverse Group, now provides part of its range in new, plastic-free packaging: a 100% bio-based, biodegradable, and compostable PLA and kraft paper bag. This is in response to consumers' growing concern for the environment and their search for fresh food that is produced sustainably and fits in with a healthy diet.

The new plant-based bag extends the product shelf life which, in the case of radishes and broccoli florets - the two products that Agromediterrànea is already offering with this packaging - can extend to 14 days. Furthermore, thanks to the PLA content, consumers can see the quality and freshness of the product at a glance.

Francisco Sànchez, Managing Director of the company declared:

Innovation and commitment to sustainability, the circular economy and product safety are key issues for Agromediterrànea. This is conveyed in our ongoing quest to find sustainable alternatives for packaging that will help to reduce our ecological footprint, whilst at the same time guarantee food safety and maximum product quality.

Foodiverse, the group to which Agromediterrànea belongs, specialises in healthy food and supplies its fresh-cut range in biodegradable bags made of kraft paper and PLA. This compostable packaging can be disposed of with organic waste or, in its absence, paper and card for recycling.

This new bag adds to Agromediterrànea's range of environmentally friendly vegetable packaging. As part of its "zero plastic" strategy, the company is already selling the products in its agricultural range in bulk, in trays made of alternative materials to plastic, such as cellulose and cardboard, and in cellulose nets.