Bags for frozen food

Walki, a Finland producer of packaging, has recently introduced a broad portfolio of recyclable materials for the growing frozen food segment. The company is answering the growing demand for frozen food by expanding its portfolio of recyclable materials.

The global market for frozen food is expected to grow to 322 billion euro by 2026. Although the demand is growing globally across all age groups, it is especially popular among younger consumers.

"Frozen food is an ideal way to prolong shelf life without losing out on the vitamins. It is also an excellent way to combat food waste. This is important as up to 9 % of global CO2 emissions can be attributed to food waste, especially fruit and vegetables", said Dudley Jones, Consumer Sales at Walki.

Walki is introducing a broad portfolio of different materials, including printed solutions, to suit the needs of the frozen food market with the aim of making the packaging fully recyclable in the paper stream.

Dudley Jones explained: "Frozen food places high demands on the packaging. It needs to be both sturdy and puncture-resistant to handle diverse situations like pressures of sealing and mechanical tear during transportation. The packaging also needs to withstand variability in temperatures as some frozen food is defrosted in its packaging".

WalkiEVO Seal and WalkiOpti Seal are recyclable paper-based packaging intended especially for pillow-pouches for frozen food. WalkiEVO Seal has a dispersion coating as barrier against water vapour and grease while WalkiOpti Seal has an optimised PE-extrusion coating.

Andreas Rothschink, Head of Product Development stated: "The dispersion coating makes WalkiEVO Seal recyclable in the waste-paper stream without any separation process, while the minimised PE-coating on WalkiOpti Seal makes it suitable to be recycled with paper with an acceptable fibre yield".

Both are suitable for all kind of frozen food: vegetables, seafood, bakery products to name a few.

LamibelMDO-PE is a film-based material for pillow pouches made of reverse printed MDO-film and solvent-free laminated with low sealing LDPE. Thanks to the MDO technology, the film thickness is minimized while performance is maximized by replacing other sorts of materials such as PP or PET films.

Andreas Rothschink affirmed: "This combination of two PE-films makes the packaging fully recyclable in the plastics stream. The stretched film has better optics with high stiffness and mechanical properties than standard PE. The film can also be transparent, allowing the consumer to see the product".

LamibelMDO-PE is an ideal material for all type of packaging (doypack, flowpack, pouches, etc.) as well as all kind of frozen food like vegetables, sharp-edges seafood and bakery.

WalkiPack Tray is a board-based tray suitable for frozen ready-made meals, designed to replace aluminium, plastic or plastic-coated trays.

Dudley Jones declared: "The tray is easy to fill, transport and store, and is also the convenient choice for the consumer as the fibre-based tray is safe to use in microwaves and in conventional ovens up to 220 degrees for up to 60 minutes".