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The Neverending Palette

CIRCULARITY AND HIGH RANGE. What is the life cycle of a cosmetic? And more... is it possible to recover the materials that compose it? These are extremely topical questions, to which SanaCosmofarma and Cosmoprof, together with the Italian cosmetics industry, provide a concrete answer with The Neverending Palette: the story of how a make-up product is born and lives again..

Now that issues such as circularity and sustainability of materials, actions and production processes are central both upstream and downstream in the life of a beauty product, the three events Sana, Cosmofarma and Cosmoprof are focusing their attention on this theme.

In fact, with the support of the made in Italy cosmetics supply chain, they have supported The Neverending Palette project, which translates concepts into concrete evidence of an approach that is increasingly perceived as essential as well as transversal to the entire beauty world, both in terms of creative development and industrialization, as well as in relation to consumer perception.

A product that looks to the future

Each component of the eye make-up palette created ad hoc for this project has been selected to trigger a cycle of reuse with never-ending power - never-ending, in fact - thanks to raw materials that, once reintroduced into the market, can be revived.

The project, whose creative direction has been entrusted to Omar Pallante of AVP - ArteVetrinaProject, has as its protagonists - in addition to the institutional realities already mentioned and Hera SpA - some partners of excellence in the reference chain, with the precise aim of making tangible a product projected towards a shared future and sharable in terms of both design and production.

The bet? To reinvent, without neglecting the haut de gamme appeal and contemporaneity - the formula is vegan - a product that today is often multi-material, difficult to recycle and does not derive from a circular economy.

The conscious choice of alternative materials and processes, on the other hand, means looking at the world from a different perspective. And suggesting these possibilities, reading one’s own time and anticipating trends, is at the heart of every exhibition.

Leaving a mark

To seal the commitment to a perpetual - never-ending - dialogue between man and the environment, the symbol of infinity integrated with the graphic sign of communication, taken up both in the palette itself and in the installation of the same name that, from September 9 to 12 at SANA 2021, will visually and spatially support the reading of the project.

Planned inside the new Pav. 37 of the Bologna fairgrounds that will host the event, the installation will welcome all guests by narrating the four life cycles of the product through the combination of organic shapes and transparencies.

As many spatial sections of the exhibition area are dedicated to packaging, production, collection and recycling - consequential moments in the life cycle of the palette - in which the various focuses and the contribution to the initiative of the individual partners can be explored.

THE NEVERENDING PALETTE is a project of Sana, Cosmofarma and Cosmoprof, realized with the contribution of BolognaFiere and Cosmetica Italia.

Partner companies

• Ancorotti Cosmetics (Innovative make-up products) • Autajon (Cases, labels and packaging) • Dembiotech (Raw materials of natural derivation) • Fedrigoni (High quality paper and self-adhesive materials) • Hera SpA (Pursues and preserves the resources available to the planet) • Sanatech (International exhibition of the organic and natural production chain)

Art Direction

• AVP - Art Showcase Project
Omar Pallante, Art Direction; Fabio Gamberini, Graphic Design;
Isella Marzocchi, Copy and Communication