Viappiani tells its story at Plast 2023

Founded in 1929, Viappiani specialises in providing In Mould Label (IML) solutions for a wide range of applications. The company's success is based on innovation, creativity, reliability and flexibility, all of which are appreciated by its international customers. On the occasion of the company's participation at Plast, CEO Stefano Cuttitta was interviewed to talk about the latest innovations presented at the show.

What technologies are you currently focusing on?
Viappiani has been producing IML labels for over 35 years, a solution that represents a niche market and requires specific technical skills. Our company tries to keep up with the times, investing every year in new equipment and developing labels for pasteurisation processes to protect the end consumer and brand owners. In addition to IML solutions, we are also able to produce different types of barrier labels (light, oxygen, total), which, in addition to a suitable substrate, require a series of processes to obtain products that are easy to handle during the injection phase and that maintain the correct sizing so as not to compromise the barrier of the containers.

How can your solutions contribute to sustainability?
Our company has decided to embark on a path called 'sustainable development', which is not limited to producing mono-material polypropylene IML labels, but has also developed removable labels to give packaging a second life. In practice, at the end of the pack's life, it is possible to easily remove our label and give the packaging a second chance. An example of this is the transformation of an ice-cream carton into a refrigerated container of the kind you can buy in a hardware store. We can also produce industrially compostable labels, such as those for coffee capsules made from PLA (polylactic acid).

What innovations did you present at the last edition of Plast 2023?
We can define our stand at Plast as a "showcase of possibilities", where visitors could appreciate our experience and the customisation service that has brought us so much success over the years. Viappiani wants to continue to be the reliable, capable and flexible partner that customers have come to appreciate, also at the Milan Triennial, an event where the company was able to listen to its partners' needs and guide them towards the best possible solution.