A more compact and flexible modular line for pouches

The modular design of the SA-V line by Elba for the production of pouches has been renewed with the aim of further increasing performance and meeting additional requirements such as higher technology levels, compact size, flexibility and visual assistance. The technological level of the machine has been raised by equipping it with an integrated web server which allows the remote monitoring of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) as well as energy consumption analyses. With regard to compactness, the machine’s layout has been optimized to improve control and expand the operating width of the materials processed, thus ensuring a broader choice in terms of pouch shape.

Flexibility, a specific strength of Elba's modular lines, has been also improved to ensure the production of a larger variety of pouches on the same machine. This allows higher output rates along with significant savings in terms of footprint, energy and costs. Finally, with regard to visual assistance, real-time control is now possible for adjusting the cutting parameters. On top of all this, the new SA-V line has been designed for easier operation in every respect, from setup to maintenance, and also incorporates more efficient adjustment devices and less components.

The latter have been developed to ensure maximum reliability in terms of throughput speed and pouch sealing quality as well as to minimize the machine’s downtimes, which are now limited to the replacement of wear parts. At the K 2022 fair, a SA-V line was exhibited live in the production of doypack (a particular type of stand-up pouch) from recyclable and digitally printable mono-material PE film.