Goglio's innovative solutions presented at interpack 2023

From May 4th to 10th at interpack 2023 in Düsseldorf, Goglio, one of the world's leading players in flexible packaging, presented some of the most innovative system solutions within its offerings, as well as numerous sustainable packaging products and the Goglio Mind IIoT platform. 

Goglio presented the innovative G14 CK, a reel-start line ideal for the packaging of dry, powdered or chunky products, equipped to make 1-kg packs of coffee beans in monomaterial "ready to recycle", in a new 100% PE formulation created exclusively for this event. Moreover, at the booth, it was possible to learn more about the advantages and peculiarities of GStar, the first line dedicated to coffee that makes both vacuum and soft packs. Tested and subsequently purchased by Lavazza, the machine can produce up to 200 packs - in sizes from 250 g to 1 kg - per minute, twice the speed of other machines on the market. Also the GStar guarantees top performance both in the production of traditional aluminum-based packaging and with the new sustainable monomaterial laminates.

Both lines exhibited at interpack 2023 allow the application to the packs of the Goglio one-way degassing valve, also on display in all its variants. Patented in 1968 by the company, which today produces more than one billion units a year, the one-way degassing valve allows carbon dioxide naturally emitted by roasted coffee to exit the pack while preventing oxygen from entering, with obvious advantages in terms of reduced storage time. The degassing valve, initially created for packs of freshly roasted blend packaged for consumption, has now also reached the broad field of portioned coffee, one of the fastest-growing market segments in recent years.

One of the most revolutionary uses of the valve is in fact its application to the Goglio capsule, produced by the Group in the 100% compostable version, which is biodegradable in an industrial composting plant (Ok Compost Industrial). The world's first capsule with valve witnesses the Group's constant efforts towards environmental issues and innovation. Compostable capsule and top lid material have already received certification from TÜV Austria and are ready to face the new regulation being discussed in Brussels on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

In terms of innovation in the field of material sustainability, Goglio also presented a series of coffee packs made of green materials, available in a wide range of formats. The monomaterial composition of the packs ensures high barrier properties that guarantee product preservation and the same levels of machinability as traditional laminates. Made entirely of polyethylene or polypropylene, Goglio's green packs can be properly recycled, where provided, in advanced waste management facilities.

In addition to the coffee sector, Goglio demonstrates its ongoing commitment to sustainable packaging in all areas of its product applications. Regarding the packaging of liquid and pumpable food products, the Group presented the green Fres-co Aseptic System solutions. The line, which includes several formats, is made of a multilayer mono-PE material, which makes it "Recycle Ready," and is sterilized through a specific irradiation process.

Following its success at recent trade shows, Goglio also exhibited at interpack 2023 the innovative Pillow UP, the packaging created to meet the needs of customers in the food sector and now available also in a monomaterial version, designed for detergent sector use. Pillow UP pouches can endure hot-fill, retort and sterilizable processes. The special patented shaping of the pack makes its placement very versatile: the pouch can be placed flat inside a box facilitating storage and transport, and it can be placed on a flat surface while remaining upright. The convenient carry handle ensures maximum portability. More product, less packaging: Pillow UP takes up very little space both before filling and after consumption, as the empty bag becomes as thin as a sheet.

The company, a leader in systems integration, finally dedicated an area of its booth to Goglio Mind (Machine Insight Data), the Cloud Industrial Internet Of Things platform for real-time, 7-day-a-week, 24-hour monitoring of packaging lines. The platform is currently installed on more than 100 plants of major customers worldwide. The extreme versatility of the system permits the platform to be connected both to machines designed and manufactured by Goglio and by other manufacturers, connecting the entire plant, from start to end of the line, in order to provide the customer with an overall view of the entire process.