Gamma Meccanica's low environmental impact plant

GM Plastic Recycling Division, a division of Gamma Meccanica, has installed an LDPE and HDPE recycling plant at Evelin Plast, a converter of plastic bags for municipal waste and recycling. The project was born from the customer's twofold need: to regenerate its production waste, guaranteeing a high quality recycled granulate that can be processed by its blown film extruders; to reduce the specific consumption of kWh/kg during the regeneration process.

For this reason, it was decided to supply the customer with a Compac GM65 Mechanical Gamma regeneration line, replacing a traditional force-fed line, with a Ø 105 screw.

The line achieved an average production of 220 kg/h with a specific consumption of approximately 0.22 kWh/kg, compared to an average consumption of 0.65 kWh/kg in the previous configuration.

Considering that the recycling line is used for approximately 2,000 hours per year, the customer will benefit from energy savings of 160,000 kWh for the same production. With an average energy price of €0.18 per kWh, the customer will save approximately €29,000 per year.