Digital identity card

Grafiche Paciotti, Italian company which designs and produces packaging, has recently created and registered the first green identity card for the packaging industry which allows, through a QR Code, to view a detailed sheet containing the sustainability score and the environmental impact of each product realized. Furthermore, each customer, by accessing their own reserved area, can monitor the total impact of the emissions related to the items produced by Grafiche Paciotti, downloading an annual report of the offset CO2 emissions that can be used in their own sustainability report.

A tool integrated with the GP System company management system that is able to produce a unique document to know in detail the sustainability characteristics and the environmental impact in terms of CO2 emitted by the production of each good, increasingly compensated directly by the company.

The system automatically analyzes and certifies all the parameters relating to the product such as the type of raw materials used, the volume and weight of the products, the type of processes used, the presence of composite materials, the production deriving from a short and sustainable supply chain and indications for correct disposal. This allows to automatically generate the EarthbackID which is in effect a unique digital document of identity of sustainable packaging.

This tool is part of the wider Earthback.Eco project with which Grafiche Paciotti testifies to its commitment, objectives and initiatives for environmental protection.

Marco Bracalente, partner and partner of Grafiche Paciotti commented:

The Earthback.Eco project was born with the intention of making available a specific, accounting and transparent tool in the world of packaging, a tool that can be used by companies in every sector to transfer to customers their environmental value also in the packaging, allowing a calculation that can also be used in sustainability reports.

Allegrini, an Italian chemical company, specialized in the production of professional detergents has chosen EarthbackID since last year, to apply the "green" identity card to the packaging of its cosmetic products by Grafiche Paciotti.

Ottaviano Allegrini, Founder and Managing Director of the Cosmetics Business Unit of Allegrini declared:

An innovative tool that allows our company to monitor the impact of every single paper product purchased and which allows us to set improvement objectives in terms of CO2 emissions related to this type of article.