A major step into the future of sustainable packaging

Within the project called Horizon, Jindal Films Europe, an Indian manufacturer of specialty biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP or OPP) and polyethylene (OPE or BOPE) films, has recently announced a further expansion in its Brindisi plant that will create minimum 20 highly qualified jobs and add a capacity of further 50.000 MT on top of the current production volume of the site.

This additionally produced volume will be mainly dedicated to Jindal's new innovative BOPE specialty film grades, including matt, sealable, coated, metallized and Alox films.

The new film developments will be focusing on fully sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions and strongly support the circular economy. In addition to that, this high efficiency program will also include the use of solar power and an expansion of the current trigeneration energy systems.

This will also clearly further improve the CO2 footprint of our Brindisi Operations.

On top of that, all these initiatives will utmost benefit from the dose cooperation with Apulia Region Universities and the Italian Research Center based in Brindisi.

This investment project is designed to further strengthening Jindal Films Europe's leading role in the BOPE and BOPP film markets. With a new total capacity of 130.000 MT Brindisi will become the biggest plant in Europe for BOPE and BOPP films manufacturing.