Innovations from Nespak on display at Macfrut

Safety, sustainability and practicality: these are the qualities on which Nespak, a Bolognese manufacturer of plastic packaging, is focusing on for the development of innovative solutions. The three factors were highlighted in the company’s booth at Macfrut, the international fair dedicated to the fruit and vegetable supply chain which took place from 4 to 6 May at the Rimini exhibition centre

Giulia Marini, marketing & communication fresh produce for Guillin Group, the parent company of Nespak, said:

We have developed innovative products from various materials based on the specific needs of our customers. In addition to preserving food in the best possible way, our goal is to reduce the impact of our packaging. We are aiming to enable people to consume products in a sustainable manner.

The innovations
Among the innovations exhibited by Nespak there was a new sustainable container - a punnet made of recycled and recyclable PET featuring an innovative unique tamper-proof closure system. Alberto Maso, Nespak's fruit and vegetable sales manager in Italy, explained:

The new container is the result of our intense commitment to research and development. It features a new tamper-proof closure system, in the form of a warranty seal, which after opening remains attached to the punnet avoiding its dispersion in the environment and the possible ingestion by the user. In addition, the package, once opened, can be closed and maintain its tightness thanks to a practical hinged lid.

The warranty seal ensures optimum protection of the products even at the point of sale: it is ideal for packaging dried fruit as well as cut fruit with their liquids. It is also perfect for a fruit snack "on the go", in a single serving, but also for partialising the consumption of the product, because it can be resealed hermetically. 

Nespak has also developed the new Agripack range of cardboard punnets with recycled PET lid. These punnets are made up of special water-repellent paper that resists moisture, a problem frequently encountered in cardboard packaging for fruit and vegetables. These packages also facilitate stacking and therefore their management at the point of sale, and increase visibility in the fruit and vegetable department. All punnets can be customised with high-resolution printing techniques.

Innovation is also a feature of recycled PET bowls with anti-fog treatment which improve the visibility of the product inside the packaging and the exposure of the packaging in the refrigerated counter. 

Among the other innovations, Eco Soft deserves a special mention. This R-PET mono-material punnet with ventilated bottom has obtained positive feedback from Italian and foreign customers because it is able to preserve the quality and integrity of delicate fruits, such as strawberries, without the bubble wrap at the bottom which – being made of a different material from that of the punnet – might prevent its correct recycling.