100% natural container line

Gruppo FLO, a historic brand specialising in the production of tableware and food containers, has designed and developed “Alpha”, an innovative range of food products in a natural material, 100% Made in Italy. The new line is made of pure cellulose coated on the outside with Qwarzo, a revolutionary coating developed by the company of the same name in Rovato (Brescia, Italy), which is able to enhance the characteristics of the paper on which it is applied, without altering its recyclability and compostability.

The treatment is based on silica, a natural and invisible element which makes the product impermeable to liquids, oils and greases and maintains its high mechanical resistance. The paper used, which is PEFC certified and comes from sustainably managed forests, is therefore waterproof and resistant.

Alpha products are completely exempt from the bans, restrictions and obligations of the Single Use Plastic (SUP) Directive, which will come into force in 2021 and will ban single-use plastic plates and cutlery and aim to reduce the number of plastic glasses on the market and, for the latter, require each glass to be labelled to indicate its presence.

Erika Simonazzi, Flo Group Marketing Manager, commented:

Several EU countries have started to ban certain plastic products in recent years, also driven by decisions taken at EU level. This has created a demand for alternative products and pulp food containers, all imported from Asia, have become popular. These products have recently been in the eye of the storm due to the presence of PFAS, water- and oil-repellent molecules that are very resistant to degradation and tend to accumulate in soil and groundwater. We took up the challenge and, in close partnership with Qwarzo, created a PFAS-free line that complies with EU regulations. Production will take place in our Italian plants and will significantly reduce imports of alternative products from Asian countries.

The material used in the range is food safe, recyclable as paper and compostable when disposed of with household organic waste. Laboratory tests have shown that it is on average 7 times more resistant to grease than the pulp boards currently in use. Alpha products are strong and durable, suitable for use with liquids and food, both hot and cold, and the plates can also be used for reheating food in the oven and microwave.

The glasses, plates, cutlery and containers of the "Alpha" line are entirely produced in Italy in the Flo Group's factories, a further guarantee of high quality standards, food safety and total control of the supply chain.