The recycling webinar

On 18 January, a third webinar took place as part of a programme of initiatives aimed at sector professionals in the run-up to  GreenPlast 2022, the new exhibition-conference event dedicated to plastics and rubber, and plastics and rubber processing technologies and applications. GreenPlast, set to run from 3 to 6 May 2022, will focus in particular on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

The webinar, entitled “AreYouR: the green side of plastic materials”, saw the participation of systems manufacturers: Filtec (specialised in granulation and filtration systems for plastic materials), Fimic (manufacturer of automatic and self-cleaning screen changers for plastics), and Tecnofer (which builds plastic recycling plants and plastic washing machinery).

It was Fimic, Filtec, Gamma Meccanica (a specialist in the production of plastic recycling systems) and Tecnofer which came up with the idea for these webinars, whose name echoes that of the European project AreYouR. The aim is to raise awareness, within the community, of the importance of recycling plastics.

In fact, the “R” in AreYouR serves to highlight the following key topics: recovery, recycling, reuse and reprocessing. The project’s main objective is to share the technology sector’s knowledge of recycling, as a means of increasing awareness, among the general public, of environmental issues and of the many benefits related to the recycling of plastic materials.

With the help of the experts who will be divulging this information on behalf of 45 European companies actively involved in recycling, AreYouR intends to provide an objective point of view, conveyed though a series of debates aimed at the entire community, today made up of tens of thousands of people who, on a daily basis, exchange views on the issue of environmental sustainability.
Repeating the format successfully used for the first two debates, the webinar was also live streamed in English, on the morning of January 19.

Through this series of webinars, Promaplast, the organiser of GreenPlast, has created a sort of pathway leading up to the new exhibition-conference event, giving the exhibiting companies a chance to be heard and each time offering the audience an update on all the reasons why plastic and rubber can nowadays be considered sustainable materials.