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PolieCo - in 2020 recycling goals reached

"Again this year, recycling goals were met so consortium companies can consider themselves to have fulfilled their environmental responsibilities. Notwithstanding, the membership fee has remained unchanged. Compared to the previous year, 351,000 tons of polyethylene waste was collected and reused for manufacturing 312,000 tons of recycled products, at a recycling rate of 43%. In terms of members, we recorded a growth of about 8.5%, the highest number since the consortium was established."

This is how president Enrico Bobbio opened the annual PolieCo assembly, held in the past few days.

Aware of how member companies have been called upon to resolve challenges over and above an already critical situation, especially in this long period marked by the pandemic, and understanding their needs, PolieCo has set up an instalment system for the payment of membership fees and other contributions, even for this year.

"After the multi-use bags, PolieCo has set up a process for assigning the brand also for bins and driplines. The initiative aims to enhance the value of high-end Italian manufacturing and product market in terms of recycling, reuse, and reclaimed materials”, director of PolieCo, Claudia Salvestrini added, underscoring the work done by the Italian consortium, starting with a technical partnership with Spinlife, a spin-off from the University of Padua.

During the meeting, the director dedicated ample time to the work done by PolieCo on managing plastic waste from agriculture in the so-called "Terra dei Fuochi” (Land of Fires) in southern Italy