Packaging: the Italian sector in figures

The data processed by the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio research office and published in the monograph Imballaggio in Cifre 2023 (data for 2022) show us a stable sector in terms of production, with growing turnover and encouraging short-term forecasts.

After two years of fluctuating trends, Italian packaging production showed considerable stability in 2022: -0.4% compared to 2021, corresponding to a further 18 million tonnes. On the other hand, double-digit growth was recorded for turnover, which exceeded 40 billion euros, an increase of 15.4% compared to the previous year. Revenue growth was impacted by the increase in list prices to compensate for rising energy and raw material costs.

Falling exports
Exports fall by -2.2%, while imports continue their run with a growth rate of +11.4% in 2022. However, the trade balance remains positive, with 267 t/000 more packaging exported than imported, mainly to Europe.

A look at materials
In terms of individual materials, there are negative trends for paper (-3.4%) and steel (-6.2%) packaging. The higher share of paper packaging has a greater impact on the sector's performance, as cellulose packaging accounts for 31.9% of the total packaging produced in 2022. The performance of the other types of packaging is positive.

Medium-term outlook
The outlook for the coming years is positive. While a lower growth rate in the sector is assumed for 2023 due to the economic situation, an average annual increase of 1.1% is expected for the following years, with production estimated to reach 19,141 t/000 in 2026.