The Piovan Group at K 2022

The Piovan Group is a world leader in the development and production of process automation systems for the storage, transport and treatment of polymers, bio-resins and recycled plastics. The company also delivers process automation systems for the recycling and reuse of plastics in the sphere of bio-economy and circular economy.

From 19 to 26 October, it will be possible to view the recent innovations of the Group at K 2022, Düsseldorf, the world major trade fair for the global plastics and rubber industry with the participation of 3,000 exhibitors from 61 countries - of which about 400 from Italy. The 2022 edition of the event will be focused on circular economy, digitalisation and climate protection. The Piovan Group, with its brands Piovan, Aquatech, Penta, Fdm, Energys, Progema, Doteco and Pelletron, will unveil some innovative products including: Condenso, SoftBoost, Vulkano, created to facilitate the production of sustainable packaging from recycled materials, as well as Odor Minder, CAPchiller and Vento.

With more than 200 thousand visitors expected, the German fair will once again provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the Group's innovations and solutions and, at the same time, offer an ideal platform to strengthen existing contacts and establish new ones.

Specifically, the Piovan Group will put on display the full line-up of its most advanced technological solutions and its evolution during the recent intense years, in which it has been able to enjoy a positive development trend despite the challenging global situation, and strengthen its global presence, in particular after the recent acquisition of the US brands Conair, Thermal Care, Pelletron and Republic Machine. Therefore, a steady growth along a path of "sustainable leadership", the slogan chosen by Piovan to define its participation in K 2022, with reference to the Group's world achievements and the development of patented solutions to make new products from recycled plastic in line with ESG policies.

The Piovan Group will be exhibiting its products at stand C20, Hall 10, taking up 600 sqm, much larger than that of the last K fair. The stand will be divided into separate areas to facilitate the visits: preforms and PET bottles; rigid packaging; automotive components; technical articles; medical solutions; technical and thermoforming sheets; flexible films; pipes, cables and profiles; fibres and strappings; recyclates and compounds. 

For the first time, the Doteco and Pelletron brands, the latter part of the US Group taken over by Piovan, will be also present at the stand. In addition to the opportunity to experience two virtual environments dedicated to PET and bubble films, and a test area equipped with Inspecta instruments, the visitors will be also able see the Group's solutions.

Also on display at the stand:

  • Winfactory 4.0, the production process control and management software developed to ensure the automatic setting of recipes, the prevention of human errors, the repeatability of production parameters and the traceability of products;
  • Winenergy, the energy efficiency monitoring and analysis system which provides customers with a complete analysis of real consumption data: Winflo for monitoring and controlling Aquatech's industrial cooling solutions, transforming data into business-relevant information and optimising the remote operation and the management of resources.

The range of drying systems on display will include:

  • Condenso, developed for plastic recycling lines, is able to remove VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the process air during drying thanks to a unique energy recovery system;
  • SoftBoost hopper, incorporating a new patented air conveyor system which heats the pellets to the heart in just 40 minutes and then quickly bring them from 120 to 180 °C. This innovative hopper, specially designed for regenerated PET, reduces the thermal stress of the resin in order to obtain a high-quality product and also improves the energy efficiency of the process;
  • Vento, the new automatic cooling and film thickness control system. The special design of the ring, is designed to minimise friction and pressure drops, optimise energy consumption, maximise efficiency, so as to achieve high performance in terms of 2Sigma reduction and film flatness;
  • The new automatic cleaning system for Grado Adroit blenders which perform production changes in reduced time, costs and material waste;
  • CAPchiller, a water-cooled chiller for applications which require very high temperature accuracy, high water flowrates with respect to cooling capacity and high pressures, such as in the production of caps or medical items. This plug & play solution is able to vary its cooling capacity according to the required thermal load.

Piovan’s highlights will also include Vulkano, the new portable instrument for measuring the VOC’s in the process air and monitor the saturation of filters in order to maximise their life cycle and check their performance levels at any time - as well as Odor Minder, the compact in-line electronic nose created to verify the effectiveness of the post-consumer plastic deodorisation process. Finally, the visitors looking for solutions to detect benzene or acetaldehyde will be given the opportunity to test PET and rPET finished products (sheets and bottles) or semi-finished products (pellets and preforms) using the Inspecta analysis instrument.