WWF promotes less polluting fish crates

Testing of innovative fish crates, part of the “Fighting marine pollution from fish crates in Italy” project, begins in Spadafora, Sicily.

WWF, together with fishermen, will test the new crates, identified through a life cycle assessment and eco-design study and refined with fishermen, to understand their effectiveness and practicality along the entire supply chain, including proper end-of-life management with the recovery of crates and trays destined for recycling.

The new, more sustainable crates are made up of two separable components: a reusable FSC wood crate with an internal component consisting of a disposable tray made of extruded polystyrene (XPS), which is recycled (50%) and recyclable in a closed loop.

WWF Italy promotes a strategic vision, acting as a catalyst for innovation and concrete actions to put sustainability into practice, involving key players to bring together the worlds of small-scale fishing, research, design, business and government to protect the environment.

This project promotes a supply chain model in line with European regulations on the circular economy of plastics, with the aim of reducing environmental pollution through the identification of innovative packaging that is reusable, recyclable and recoverable, with the aim of achieving “zero waste”.