Water in cardboard

In June Maniva alkaline water added two 100 cl and 50 cl boxes, named Smile Box Maniva Ph8, to the traditional glass and PET containers to provide consumers with a wider choice in the market.

The new totally recyclable boxes were born from the close collaboration between Maniva company and Tetra Pak and were designed with new graphics to adapt to the new material they are made of. The graphics remind the client of the water’s alpine origin as well as the benefit of the unique alkaline properties of Maniva water.

The packaging of the Smile Boxes highlights the protection from light ensured by the box for the maximum preservation of the original purity of the water in all conditions of use. The mainly vegetable cardboard that the box is made of is also important, as well as the cap and some internal protective layers that are FSC certified to ensure that paper comes from controlled sources that are managed responsibly and in accordance with environmental, social and economic standards.

The new boxes are available in a 1-liter format with ergonomics designed for pouring, making them more suitable for family consumption, and a ½-liter format with the inclined cap suitable for drinking, making them ideal for consumption “on the go" and for public businesses as well as schools.