Towards a more sustainable future

It is now largely proved that using raw material or any other “fancy” remedy as cleaner, is against any eco-sustainability idea.

Ultra System, one of the leaders in purging compounds, cannot understand why purging compounds are not systematically used.

Not using a good purging compound means: higher costs, less quality, higher down-time machine, more CO2 footprint, tons of material which risks not be recycled and higher energy costs. All these factors are clearly against a green future. Furthermore, it has to be remarked that also the use of raw materials as cleaner implies a bigger quantity of material and longer machine downtime (even hours sometimes), for achieving not optimal results.

Nowadays, medias do not stop to depict a future which will catastrophically end, submerged of plastics which are thrown everywhere by “ill-mannered” people . Nevertheless, everyone knows that the real problem is not plastics, but management of the plastic waste. 

With respect to this, Ultra System decided to invest human energy to develop more and more sustainable purging compounds

Ultra Plast products: eco-friendly and 100% recyclable
Ultra Plast range is totally free from genetically modified organisms, biological contaminants, allergens, solvents, paraffin. Furthermore, all the products are food contact allowed and with the white room certification among around 20 certificates. Moreover, Ultra Plast products are smoke and smell free during the correct applications.

Considering that Ultra System cares about environment, it decided to create a formulation coming 100% from recycled plastic. In these new formulations, called Re-Purge, the polymers used as carrier come from recycled ones. These formulations have the advantages of all the existing purging compounds, with addition of recycled plastic resins as carriers.

To guarantee the high cleaning efficiency typical of Ultra System range, all the raw material is accurately selected between the top quality recycle stream.

Ultra System technicians have reached the highest level, guaranteeing the same characteristics, parameters, quality for each batch of production which can be tailor made.

Thanks to its technical knowledge, experiences, success, continuous contact with customers, Ultra System always looks for something better, green, sustainable and eco-friendly.

It would be possible to fulfil several pages explaining the advantages, but no words are better than a simple production test and technical documentation as support.

Ultra System believes to have almost reached the top of the state of the art in purging compounds so… no more excuses for not using a green and eco purging compounds.

Not just do it, but do it green!