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Plates made of 100% recycled aluminium

Sustainable, functional and aesthetically appealing packaging: Contital responds to the market demand for environmentally friendly disposable products with its range of disposable aluminium plates, designed for the large-scale retail trade, the catering sector and consumers.

The plates are made with 100% recycled aluminum (by its nature, aluminum is infinitely recyclable, without losing quality and characteristics). Ideal for lunches and dinners, picnics, barbecues and parties at home and outdoors, the line is available in bare (aluminum colored) and lacquered versions.

Circular or square in shape, the plates can be used to reheat food in both traditional and microwave ovens. But they can also be used to store food in the refrigerator and freezer.

To meet the needs of food delivery, the plates have rigid walls and a smooth edge, which can be closed with special pre-formed lids made of recyclable material, to ensure safety and hygiene. The square version, moreover, can also be sealed with a liquid-safe film (traditional and organic).