Packaging for a more sustainable future

For years, Etimex Primary Packaging, a German producer, has emphatically been pursuing the goal to make the packaging industry more sustainable. Its mission is: establishing sustainable processes, saving resources, reducing plastic, and developing recyclable products. All this has resulted in manifold innovations.

Apart from its own claim to become more sustainable, Etimex has above all set the goal to meet the customers’ demands. Particularly popular are packaging materials which completely do without aluminium and adhesives and still meet all requirements to reliability, safety and economy. Etimex has taken on this challenge and - apart from the proven and award-winning solutions - also presents its latest product developments in the coming trade fair season.

Safety without adhesives
The new food-optimized bonding agent film on PP-MSA basis is an Etimex innovation. The material offers perfect protection for sensitive products and can be thermos-laminated on sheet metal or aluminium without adhesives. As opposed to the conventional solution with adhesives, this process entails several benefits for both producers and consumers. On the one hand, the application of an adhesive layer in the cold pressing process is abandoned which results in lower production costs, a more favorable total energy balance and thus more environmental friendliness. On the other hand, the product safety is increased. As the process does not require adhesives and is thus completely solvent-free, there is no risk of solvent pollutants diffusing into the product. In addition, the bonding agent film can be used from a minimum thickness of 40 μm and is thus suitable for numerous applications. With the bonding agent film on PP-MSA basis, Etimex has succeeded in developing a solution which is economic, safe in terms of food regulations and production technology, and meets even highest requirements to safety and sustainability.

A new alternative to aluminium lids
If food manufacturers want to completely abandon aluminium packaging components, they can resort to the Etimex peel film for sealing applications. The product allows for reliable stability in the production process while completely abandoning aluminium. For example, it is possible to produce punched yogurt lids of PP monofilm with a density < 1 which makes the complete packaging fully recyclable. The use of PP Mono film saves weight and - thanks to increased opacity - reliably protects the product from exposure to light.

Reaching 19 out of 20 credits in the Interseroh recyclability test, the newly developed peel film meets all necessary requirements. Furthermore, it provides an optimized seal strength of the sealing against PP and itself. This guarantees safety even for sterile products.

As a result, the Etimex peel film ensures sorted recycling of the total packaging in combination with stability and stiffness, high light and hygiene protection, weight savings, and a pleasant product experience - an ecological and fully sustainable alternative with economic benefits for converters and bottlers.

Together for a sustainable future
With its product portfolio the German company proves that you can achieve a higher environmental consciousness by setting the right objectives and strategically anchored signposts. As an exhibitor at the Fachpack 2022, Etimex presented further details of the innovations and to inspiring and inviting more food producers and consumers to join us on its way to greater sustainability.

Etimex can present a further product innovation in the area of child protection through blisters. The idea: protecting potentially hazardous products packed into blisters by reliable child protection. For Etimex as a leading manufacturer of recyclable PP Monoblister in Europe it was obvious to add a new feature to the product honored with the German Packaging Award in 2021: a peel-push film which can be removed well but not too easily. The newly developed peel layer allows the adhesion of the BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) film while fully preserving its push-through ability. This combination of two films results in childproof packaging - it can only be opened in the two-step method and thus hardly by children.

The Mono peel-push film is particularly suitable for pharmaceutical products, hygiene articles and dangerous household products such as batteries, dishwasher tabs or adhesives.