More durable and less polluting

The number of online shoppers has been growing steadily in recent years, and according to Statista, an authoritative statistics portal, the global e-commerce market is expected to reach $4 trillion in 2023 and $6 trillion in 2027. It is also estimated that the number of people worldwide who frequently shop online will increase from 57% to nearly 70% of the world's population in the next four years. The food and personal care industry tops the list of fastest-growing e-commerce sectors.

Aptar Closures, a US-based manufacturer of packaging for a variety of industries, has focused on a few key aspects of packaging to meet the needs of e-commerce consumers, resulting in three solutions for beauty, personal care and home care that focus on impact resistance and sustainability: Embrace, a flip-top closure; E-Simplicity, a 100% PCR flip-top closure that does not separate from the lid, is safe to transport and easy to open; and Future Disc Top, which can be opened and closed as needed for on-the-go products. Made from PE, this single-material cap is fully recyclable when combined with a PE or PET bottle.

By increasing the recyclability of closures, reducing the carbon footprint and limiting the need for tertiary packaging during shipping, Aptar's e-commerce solutions not only perform well but can also help reduce environmental impact. In fact, the company's products can help reduce the use of raw materials, energy consumption for additional packaging and carbon emissions from unnecessary transport when products have to be returned or sent back due to breakage or loss. This is in line with Aptar's ESG approach, which aims to create solutions that respect the environment, conserve natural resources and improve living conditions.