The adapa Group's PE-based flowpack portfolio

At the heart of PPWR is the recyclability of packaging; polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) will play a key role. adapa Group has been using both materials for some time and has now expanded its portfolio of PE laminates for flowpacks.

A whole family of PE-based laminates has been developed under the brand name MonoFlow(re) E-type. This reflects the long experience of the adapa group and is the constantly improving result of many years of development and cooperation with customers. From food to home & personal care, adapa has references covering almost all markets and products, with both horizontal and vertical flow-wrapping applications.

Depending on the customer and the product, the Group uses either its proprietary CrystalPE MDO-PE film or BOPE films to produce its high-performance laminates. The choice of film specification is based on its performance in the customer's environment, which is constantly monitored and optimised by the Group's application engineers on site.

The Group offers high-quality rotogravure, flexo or digital printing. The packaging experts are on hand to advise and assist customers in choosing the best technology for their individual needs. For example, this could be a smaller application quantity or a reduced number of colours, both of which are ways of reducing the amount of material used while maintaining a high quality print image.

The Group has tailored its film range to meet these needs and has developed a comprehensive portfolio of PE-based packaging solutions in addition to the MonoFlow(re) E-type flow pack films.

adapa has made significant investments in the recent past, including in the expansionof MDO-PE technology. The constant further development of the MonoFlow(re) E-type family is aligned with our strategy, which is based on the motto #future is driven by action. With our Designed for Recycling products, we are again emphasising our aspiration to supply customers with packaging that is in keeping with the times,

said Marek Pawlak, CSO at adapa Group.