A shower of investments in green projects

Integrating sustainability into every aspect of business is the focus of the investments of Coca-Cola HBC Italia, the main bottler of The Coca-Cola Company brand products in Italy. In this regard, from the eighteenth sustainability report of the company "From 100% rPET to net Zero" published at the end of June, it emerges that in Italy the company has invested over 130 million euro in recent years to carry out industrial innovation and packaging projects aimed at accelerating the transition to an increasingly circular economy.

In addition to industrial investments in the six production sites throughout Italy, great attention has been paid to the innovation of primary and secondary packaging, including the launch of the first bottle made of 100% recycled plastic (rPET), the introduction of tethered caps for FuzeTea bottles to encourage recycling, the KeelClip paper fastener and the innovative 100% recyclable paper packaging. A challenge that reaches beyond packaging and concerns the entire supply chain, as testified by the new Net Zero by 40 Group strategy, developed with the aim of achieving net zero emissions along the entire value chain by 2040.  

Giangiacomo Pierini, corporate affairs and sustainability director at Coca-Cola HBC Italia said:

For 18 years we have been telling about our commitment to the environment, the people and the communities in which we operate in our sustainability reports. This year we did it using figures: "From 100 to 0" is a simple and transparent way to communicate the beginning and the end of a path made of data, which from the creation of the first bottle of 100% rPET will lead us towards a horizon of net zero emissions along the entire value chain by 2040. A path that has been made possible thanks to the work and dedication of almost 2 thousand colleagues at Coca-Cola HBC Italia.