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The Verallia ESG programme

European leader and third largest world producer of glass containers for foods and beverages, Verallia recently unveiled its Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) programme in effect to the end of 2025, with the objective of addressing the environmental challenges facing the planet and the development of new models of consumption. In this context, the company has decided to reinvent glass for a sustainable future, illustrating its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) roadmap, based on three fundamental objectives:

Greater integration of cullet in production processes

The first objective involves increasing the amount of waste glass collected via local authorities and implementing collaborations with associations both nationally and internationally. To improve recycling capacity and efficiency, Verallia has planned a series of investments in its cullet treatment facilities as well as collaboration agreements with external suppliers. The company aims to reach 59% external cullet use in its production processes by the end of 2025, up from the current 49%.

Significant reduction in CO2 emissions

The second objective rests on a three-pronged approach: increased use of external cullet and abandonment of carbon-containing raw materials in glass production; reduction of energy for glass melting; and increased use of green energy. Verallia plans some 220 million euros in investments in cutting-edge production processes by the end of 2030 to achieve a 27.5% reduction in CO2 emissions.

A safe workplace

The third objective in the roadmap is the implementation of supplementary policies in line with Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) standards. The group has envisaged the following goals:

  • achieve zero workplace accidents at its production facilities;
  • double the percentage of employees with disabilities to 6% of the total by 2025;
  • improve the gender equality index within the group;
  • continue to promote the policy of employee ownership initiated in 2016, aiming for a 5% ownership share by 2025 (current share is 3.3%).

Michel Giannuzzi, President and CEO of Verallia, commented: “Industry has a fundamental role to play in addressing the challenges of the modern world, especially as regards climate change. This is why we have made radical changes to our company in recent years, placing sustainable development at the centre of our strategy. Nevertheless, given the growing challenges now confronting us, it is essential to boost our efforts to guarantee everyone the possibility to live in a safe and secure environment. With the introduction of our Purpose Statement last year and the implementation of these new ambitious commitments, we begin an unprecedented acceleration of our ESG strategy, which will be our reference framework for all our activities in the coming years.”