Aptar Closures presents a new reyclable closure system

One of the latest innovations developed by Aptar Closures is Future Disc Top, a fully recyclable polyethylene (PE) closure system which retains its strength throughout the online shopping journey, providing peace of mind for brand owners and consumers.

Ideal for cosmetics and personal care products, the Future Disc Top can be used with a PE or PET bottle, ensuring the packaging is fully recyclable and helping to overcome the barriers of multi-material packaging. A version with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content is also available, further demonstrating Aptar Closures' commitment to providing robust solutions in line with the principles of the circular economy.

The Aptar Closures closure system, designed to meet brand owners' standards of quality, safety, aesthetics, strength and durability, also features a lock/unlock ring which holds the contents of the bottle firmly in place during the various stages leading up to actual delivery.

This eliminates the need for tertiary packaging such as shrink sleeves and bubble wrap, and also avoids the increasing number of returns due to product leakage, allowing the recipient to receive the order intact and ready to use.