Cavanna Laminates: new solvent recycling plant inaugurated

Laminati Cavannaa historic company based in Piacenza and founded in 1969 by Gian Carlo Cavanna, which produces laminates and plastic films for flexible packaging in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, technical, electrical and industrial sectors, has become even more sustainable thanks to a new ethyl acetate recycling plant.

Anna Paola Cavanna, daughter of the founder and president of the company, said:

For years we have been striving to continuously improve our performance, aware of the impact of production activities on the natural ecosystem. This is why we have adopted a circular economy approach and decided to invest in this type of technology to reuse a key component of our flexible packaging production. I felt it was the right investment at the right time to make a leap forward in terms of efficiency, reduced environmental impact and added value for the company.

The inauguration ceremony, attended by more than 140 people, was attended by many important players in the packaging sector, a sector in which Anna Paola Cavanna is a real reference point, also at national level, as President of the Italian Packaging Institute and of the Packaging Ethics Charter Foundation:

The large plant, which now makes Laminati Cavanna officially one of the most environmentally friendly companies in the area, replaces the old oxidiser: in fact, this system not only captures and treats VOC emissions, but also efficiently recovers the ethyl acetate used in the production processes, allowing the company to reuse the materials in the production process, making it a closed-loop process.

The benefits are twofold: on the one hand, a reduction in waste and operating costs and, on the other (the real driving force behind this choice), a virtually zero impact on the surrounding environment, in full and concrete compliance with the concept of the 'circular economy'.

One of Anna Paola Cavanna's big thanks during the inauguration ceremony went to Dec Impianti, in the person of CEO Andrea Formigoni. Dec Impianti is the company that designed and built the plant, adapting it to Laminati Cavanna's needs.

Describing the project, Formigoni said:

DEC.SRU systems reduce the environmental impact of industrial emissions while improving air quality and public health in the surrounding communities. The decarbonisation results achieved with these systems are significant: a medium-sized DEC.SRU system can reduce VOC emissions by around 2,000 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to removing approximately 14,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere (compared to thermal oxidation), equivalent to the emissions from more than 3,000 cars.