Sealing that reduces waste

Volpak, a Coesia company specialising in the production of horizontal form-fill-seal packaging machines, has formed a strategic partnership with watttron, a company at the forefront of precision heating technology. This collaboration integrates watttron's intelligent digital sealing technology into Volpak's horizontal form-fill-seal machines, marking a significant leap forward in flexible packaging.

Volpak and Watttron have created a solution that improves the accuracy, efficiency and sustainability of packaging processes. In particular, this digital sealing is designed to be easily adapted to existing machines, allowing companies to upgrade their technology without hindrance. By integrating digital sealing technology, Volpak enables its customers to achieve superior sealing quality, reduce material waste and make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Customers can also benefit from technological collaboration within the Coesia Group, with sister company R.A. Jones offering integrated solutions with Watttron digital sealing technology on its machines for the production of horizontal pouches at very high speeds of up to 2000 pouches per minute.