The Sacmi PET-In-Box

Sacmi has carried out successful projects with the world's most important brand owners, in line with its sensitivity to the theme of recycled resins and respect for the environment. Among the most interesting projects are the supply of the bottling line (blowing and filling) for the IPS machine for preforms and the CCM (continuous compression moulding) press for caps.

Research and development of technologically unprecedented solutions capable of intercepting new market trends is an important part of SACMI Beverage's activities. One interesting proposal concerns the development of PET-In-Box, i.e. the replacement of the traditional BIB 'bag', which is difficult to recycle, with a PET bottle blown from a super-light preform.

This solution generates a twofold advantage: a saving of more than 50% (from 125-130 g to just 69 g) of the material used and the possibility to easily recycle the container in the classic PET chain.

The application realised does not require special preforms to be produced; in fact, the lightest preform already available on the market was used to make a standard 41/48 mm neck, with the possibility of pushing the weight reduction even further depending on the application required and the availability of ultra-light preforms.