New line for Tetra Recart packaging

Conserve Italia is a food processing cooperative group based in San Lazzaro di Savena (near Bologna) with a membership of over 14 thousand agricultural producers. To meet the needs of international markets - which are increasingly attentive to the environment - Conserve Italia invested over 10 million euro in a new filling and packaging line for Tetra Recart containers (paper-based packaging) which was recently started up at the Pomposa production plant (near Ferrara), the main site of the group. With a length of 800 meters and an area of about 3 thousand sqm, the Pomposa plant is able to produce 24 thousand pcs/hour of containers for tomato puree and pulp, legumes and ready-made soups.  

According to Pier Paolo Rosetti, general manager of Conserve Italia:

With the new line we can double the production of Tetra Recart containers at the Pomposa plant, up to 160 million pieces per year.  

With their good performance in the reduction of the environmental impact thanks to the materials used, and for the efficiency of transport thanks to the optimization of the volumes to be filled, Tetra Recart packagings make it possible to move many more items in a single shipment. In addition, the typical parallelepiped shape of Tetra Recart packages increases the quantity of pieces on the same shelf at the point of sale and optimizes the space in the consumer’s fridge. All these elements have drawn the market’s attention to this packaging, which is increasingly in demand especially in foreign markets, in particular for the tomato purees and pulps of the Cirio brand.