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Tube packaging made with formable paper

In the ongoing work to challenge conventional packaging, BillerudKorsnäs and Aisa are launching a collaboration that opens up outstanding new possibilities in tube packaging made of paper.

The first Decoseam™ paper laminate tube was launched in 2008 already, but commercial success only came last year driven by the desire for more sustainable packaging and the search for solutions capable to replace plastic. Once proven on the market, the demand is now for solutions to increase the paper content in the tube package.

Today, Aisa presents its newest solution for a tube shoulder made in majority of paper rather than entirely of plastic. Since tube shoulders can be rather conically in shape, a formable paper material is required. By using FibreForm® board from Billerudkorsnäs, Aisa is now able to replace up to 70% of plastic in the functional shoulder component.

Together with the tube sleeve made of over 85% of paper, this hybrid shoulder contributes to a package that now is composed of more than 80% paper (excluding the cap).

Learning more about the capabilities of FibreForm®, Aisa can also make tube sleeves from this material and experiments with ways of bringing, a highly sought-after embellishment capability to tube packaging: the embossing of shapes and characters. The results shown in the picture can only capture what is visible and not the tactile aspect of this unique combination of paper and embossing, which is an entirely new feel for a squeezable tube packaging!