Greenplast preparations underway for Milan 2025

Decarbonization, circular economy, recycling, reuse, and micro- and nanoplastics are just some of the topics of relevance in the plastics industry. They are increasingly featured in the news and have a significant impact on public opinion. It is thus indispensable to keep up to date on market trends and innovations in materials, products, processes, and production technology because real changes are underway and we have to stay abreast of them.

Greenplast debuted in 2022 with the precise goal of embracing these issues that are now fundamental to the entire plastics and rubber industry. It is the first Italian exhibition/convention for the sector, focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency, organized by Amaplast (Italian association of machinery and moulds manufacturers for plastics and rubber) through its operating company Promaplast, which is also the organizer of Plast.

Following up on the successful first edition - which was populated by 170 exhibitors (80% Italian, 20% from abroad) occupying 6,000 square metres of net exhibition space and drawing in over 20,000 visitors from 55 countries -, applications are now being accepted to the second edition, which will take place from 27 to 30 May 2025 at the Fiera Milano fairgrounds in Rho Pero (Milan).

The collaborative relationship among all the players in the supply chain will accelerate the transition to a circular economy of plastics, reductions in harmful emissions, and the promotion of a more sustainable use of the material, which is indispensable for many areas of the economy and able to play a fundamental role in achieving sustainability and maintaining the competitiveness of the Italian industrial system. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the various applications of recycled materials shows very positive dynamics and potentials for development in all sectors.

The second edition of Greenplast will again be part of The Innovation Alliance: four fairs - Ipack-Ima, Print4All, Intralogistica Italia, and Greenplast - taking place simultaneously, occupying nearly the entire Fiera Milano facility in Rho Pero with visitors having full access to all halls.

This initiative is designed to promote and facilitate opportunities for contact, networking, and development, laying out the full panorama of the industry to visitors and leveraging the complementary nature of the four sectors: plastics and rubber; packaging and packing; printing and converting; and logistics.