A bottle easily recognizable

How to combine the quality of a handcrafted product with the most current demands in terms of sustainability? From this common reflection between Verallia Italia and 32 Via dei Birrai comes the desire to make the renewed bottle of 32 Via dei Birrai a communicating object, not only for the values of the brand but also for the environmental commitment.

In the new bottle’s shoulder is imprinted a distinctive sign which contains all the values of glass: the glass hallmark, created in 2020 by the FEVE, European Container Glass Federation. The glass hallmark is the result of a year-long collaborative effort between industry, designers and consumers, which managed to create a recognizable symbol which is representative of the qualities of a glass container: food safety, waterproof to liquids and microorganisms, sterility, perfect storage for liquids and food and, of course, the fact that it can be recycled endlessly, which allows it to be reborn in another container without any loss of quality and health risks.

An idea that immediately pleased the founders of the brewery.

Alessandro Zilli, co-founder of 32 Via dei Birrai, affirmed:

The bottle that Verallia proposed for our beer is elegant and minimal. Already inclusive thanks to the Braille script, it becomes even more special with the addition of the glass hallmark. After years of activity, we wanted to show our love for glass and its sustainability. We found in Verallia an attentive and proactive partner who offered us what we were looking for.