Absolut Vodka offers its paper bottle

Vodka has always been associated with glass bottles, a production process which requires large amounts of energy and recycling rates that are still too low. Overcoming certain stereotypes linked to a long tradition and experimenting with alternative packaging for the benefit of the environment may be an ambitious and complex challenge, but it could lead to the birth of a new era: that of paper bottles for alcoholic beverages.

In the small Swedish town of Åhus, Absolut Vodka, a company that has always been committed to carrying out projects that contribute to the sustainability of the planet, has apparently lost no time in deciding to create the prototype of a 375 ml vodka bottle made of paper. The aim is to produce strong and durable bottles made from wood fibre, which will be transformed into iconic containers.

The prototypes were made from recyclable material, 57% paper and 43% plastic, which forms a thin layer inside the bottle that can be recycled after use. The packs have been manufactured by Paboco, a company specialising in the production of paper bottles, and will be tested in a number of Tesco supermarkets in the UK over a period of about three months.

Another advantage of paper bottles is that they are lighter, which reduces transport costs.

In addition, with a view to a more sustainable future in packaging, Absolut Vodka is working with the Carlsberg Group, The Coca-Cola Company, L'Oréal and Paboco to develop new, more environmentally friendly bottles.