Sweet home bamboo

The partnership between Forever Bambù, an agricultural company from Milan, and Mixcycling, a start-up which creates sustainable biocomposites, has resulted in Sweet Home Bamboo, an innovative collection of caps, closures and accessories for room fragrances with a natural look and excellent fragrance preservation characteristics. This new range of products was unveiled on the occasion of the fifth edition of Polo Innovation Day, an event dedicated to the Italian and international cosmetic producers held on 22 September in Crema, Italy.

The two companies had already signed a partnership agreement in 2021 aimed to start an experimentation process on a new type of bioplastic derived from bamboo for the cosmetic industry, which led to the development of a new material for bottle caps which were then produced by Livingcap, the cosmetics and fragrances packaging division of Labrenta, a manufacturer of closures for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages based in Vicenza, Italy. This company recently joined Guala Closures, a multinational group leader in the production of closures for beverages and food.

The establishment of the partnership was followed by an experimental phase conducted by the R&D department of Labrenta, which verified the extraordinary potential and resistance properties of bamboo, with really satisfactory results in terms of solidity and protection of the sensory properties of the product.